• Chemicals for manual development of X-ray films
  • Chemicals for the automatic development of X-ray films
  • Quality control tool of the development process


The crucial point in the development process is the control of all the factors influencing the quality of the radiographic films. In this aim, the control of the chemical reagents is essential. Smart N.D.T., on behalf of GE Sensing & Inspection Technology, is the exclusive supplier of the complete line of GE AGFA STRUCTURIX Chemicals.

Manual process:

Structurix G128 Developer: it is the developing liquid used for the manual process in industrial radiography. It guarantees robust performance in critical environmental conditions (high temperature and humidity), and it is also resistant to oxidation under normal use.

Structurix G328 Fixer: it is the fixing liquid used for the manual process in industrial radiography. In order to achieve the best result, G128 Developer must be used in conjunction with Structurix G328 Fixer.

Automatic process:

Structurix G 135 Developer: development liquid known for its stability, long shelf life and self-cleaning features.

Structurix G 135 s Starter: starter solution to be added to the product Structurix G135 Developer in case of replacing the developing liquid to obtain excellent image quality, right starting from the first film developed.

Structurix G 335 Fixer: universal fixing liquid that gives the film excellent persistence of storage, requires little effort for maintenance and produces the lowest level of odor.

Cleaning process:

The products developed for the cleaning process Structurix DEVCLEAN and FIXCLEAN enable to:

  • increase the useful life of the STRUCTURIX system
  • improve the performance and reliability of the development process
  • ensure consistent and high quality images
  • reduce maintenance costs


In addition to exposure techniques, many aspects influence the quality of the final radiograph. To assist our customers in monitoring and quantifying the correct functioning of a development process, Smart N.D.T. proposes GE Structurix Quality Assurance Tool products. They assure that the development system is tested in compliance with the requirements of the reference standards. To ensure the requirements and performance of the film development system, two methods are proposed by Agfa:

Structurix Certified PMC Strip (Process Monitoring Control): it is a tool based on the use of strips in which a regular stepped sample is "pre-exposed", but not yet undergoing a development process, by the supplier. Beyond compliance with standards, we want to demonstrate the consistency of the development system.

Structurix THIO-Test: it is used to perform the thiosulphate test to check the filing properties of the films according to the reference standards. The kit contains: Thio-Test Color Stepwedge with four steps and a bottle containing 35ml Thio-Test reagent.


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