CL5 Ultrasonic Instrument

CL5 Ultrasonic Instrument

Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge


The CL5 is an easy-to-use precision thickness measuring solution for components used in the automotive and aerospace industries, such as:

  • Cast and stamped metal components made of aluminum, steel, copper, bronze
  • Machined workpieces
  • Chemically milled components
  • Metal strips, metal plates
  • Plastics and composites
  • Glass

The instrument can be held in one hand or placed on flat workpieces, making the CL5 a compact way to test your material for the required thickness or checking for sheet corrosion.

Three soft keys directly under the display activate the functions shown on the display menus. Four directional keys help make menu changes and navigation of the text entry screen simple and efficient.

The graphical display presents the user with seven different operation modes. The user can select Normal, Minimum Scan, Maximum Scan, Differential/Rate of Reduction, Thk+A-Scan (option), Velocity (option) or Quality View. The CL5 uses a programmable data recorder for easy set up of data files from the PC. The SD Card memory system places all the data recording and set-up information on a removable SD memory card. A visual LED alarm alerts user when measurements are exceeding the user selectable limit values.

The CL5 is a very straightforward instrument to operate. The MODE key progresses the user through a series of selection and set-up menus and back to the measurement mode. One press of the MODE key displays a table of standard probes and up to five special set-ups. Another press of the MODE key displays a set-up menu where the user can easily scroll through the menu, see the current settings and make fast changes to any of the displayed settings.


Additional advantages offered by this compact, multifunctional instrument include:

  • Enhanced measurement performance produces stable and repeatable thickness values
  • Snapshot A-Scan on all models
  • Flexible power system via standard AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack system (standard)
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Wide variety of standard probes (sold separately)

Optional Kits

The CL5 is supplied with the following optional kits:

The Velocity Option: it gives the user an added measurement mode used for determining the velocity of a known thickness of material. Material thickness can be entered manually via the CL5 keyboard or a digital caliper can be connected, allowing the thickness value to be sent electronically from the caliper to the CL5. The user simply places the probe on the part, and the CL5 displays the material velocity of the test object. Both the thickness and the velocity value can be stored in the Data Recorder and downloaded to the PC.

The Live A-Scan Option: The optional Live A-Scan feature gives the user a real time view of the echoes being digitally measured by the CL5. Viewing the Live A-Scan can aid users when attempting to properly align the probe and the test object to achieve the best measurement values.

The Data Recorder Option: it permits the quick and easy storage of thickness values in file form. It stores up to 10,000 measured values or as many as 500 values with attached A-Scan. The programmable data recorder allows creation of data recorder from the PC using the flexible UltraMATE® or UltraMATE® Lite software program.


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