The CRx25P scanner combines portability and resistance to simple operation, to create high-quality digital images in few seconds. It is built to withstand the rigorous conditions of industrial radiography, both for internal and applications on field. Thanks to the high-resolution mode, with a pixel size of 17 and 25 microns, it has been designed for welding control in accordance with international standards.

Designed assistance on field: it weights only 21kg, the Crx25P scanner is a true portable computerized radiography system, designed to reach the market range of those who make repeated movements to perform the controls.

Resistant: The extruded aluminum frame resists to damages, the rubberized feet minimize vibrations, ensuring high quality digital images with excellent repeatability.

ASTM DICONDE Compliant: CRx25P is fully compatible with the Rhythm software platform distributed by Smart N.D.T. for GE Sensing & Inspection Technology.

Erase: The phosphor plate used for this application after being scanned is subjected to the online cancellation process, in order to immediately reuse the plates.

Economical and Eco-compatible: eliminating the need to chemically process the film, the scanner reduces the costs associated with the image creation process, safeguarding the environment from harmful chemicals.

Rhythm & Flash! Filters software: after acquiring images on a PC, the Rhythm software that comes with the scanner allows you to enlarge, flip, enhance images. There are optional software tools like Flash! Filters that allow you to refine your images instantly, to perform faster analysis and make decisions easily.


CR Phantom. It is a test to verify conformity of 14 "x17" Computed Radiography systems according to ASTM 2445-05, ISO 16371-1, EN 14784-1. In particular, this test investigates spatial resolution, contrast, MTF, jitter, slipping, shading and SNRN. Smart N.D.T. provides procedures and operating instructions for conducting quality tests dedicated to CR Scanners and Rhythm Software.

Plates IPU, IPS e IPC2. Specifically designed by GE Sensing & Inspection Technology to meet the requirements of the industrial sector of non-destructive tests, the IPS plates, IPC2 and the most recent and performing IPU are the solutions proposed by Smart N.D.T. to satisfy the request for solutions able to provide high quality of image, speed of exposure and increase in the useful life of the plates. The new plates developed by GE have received the BAM certificate and are recognized as highly reliable plates by a large number of leading companies in their sector for Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Power Generation applications.


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