DMS Go+ Ultrasonic Instrument

DMS Go+ Ultrasonic Instrument

Thickness measurements

  • high stability
  • measurements up to 540 ° C
  • 800x480 display
  • resistant to liquids and dust


The DMS Go+ Series offers comprehensive, handheld solutions to thickness measurement, data recording and data management in a wide range of applications and environments.

Typical applications are:

  • Oil & Gas: mapping of corrosions in pipes and tanks;
  • Power Generation: control of pipes with complex geometries;
  • Aerospace: maintenance controls;
  • Metallurgical Industry: measurement of thicknesses of austenitic materials.

High performance thickness measurement

The instrument offers a high stability and repeatability of the measurement. Automatic gain control provides excellent performance for corrosion mapping. The instrument has a temperature compensation algorithm, for measurements up to 540 ° C. The tool allows you to make both A-Scan and B-Scan measurements.

Easy operation

Intuitive arrow-keypad for positive digital control of parameters allows one hand operation and one-hand, menu-directed calibration process. A “Flip” function allows use by both left-handed and right-handed operators. The large, 800x480 pixel, display screen is ergonomically sized to reduce eyestrain, which can be adjusted to provide optimum visibility in various ambient light conditions. The low weight of 870g and the life of the batteries up to 10 hours of use enhance the qualities of this portable device, suitable for carrying out controls in every environment, just as the IP67 cover makes the instrument suitable for use in environments with liquids and dust./p]

High capacity data recorder and compatibility with powerful data management systems

On-board data recorder, with capacity of thousands of thickness readings, with storage of A-scan, B-scan and MicroGrid attachments. Data transfer is made by SD card or via USB port to PC. Data can be transferred in various file formats to allow easy integration with user data management systems.

The instrument is compatible with UltraMate and UltraMate Lite data management programs to allow for comprehensive data analysis and documentation.

A global flaw detector

A simple software upgrade adds a comprehensive and versatile flaw detector to any of the DMS Go+ Series. In the same way it is possible, starting from a USM Go +, to perform a software upgrade and to use the tool for measuring the thicknesses. The hardware platform shared between the two instruments allows, in fact, by calling the correct software package, to benefit from the maximum versatility in terms of achievable controls.



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