DXR250C-W & DXR250U-W

DXR250C-W & DXR250U-W


Built on the basis of Waygate Techologies experience in the medical and industrial radiography sector, and supported by several success stories of customers who have employed digital panels in the most varied applications, the development of the DXR250C-W and DXR250U-W wireless panels represents the completion of the portfolio industrial radiography products. Smart NDT is ready to distribute them for Waygate Technologies

Optimized. The reduced exposure time increases the safety of the operators, and at the same time allows to maximize productivity. In fact, the wireless panel allows system set-up, image acquisition and data processing to be carried out even faster and in an optimized manner, compared to the other digital radiography systems on the market.

Portable. The digital panel DXR25C-W 8 "x8" weighs 3.5 kg with a thickness of 25 mm, has a pixel size of 200 μm and employs a GOS scintillator (gadolinium oxy-sulphide). It is ideal for situations where access to the parts to be controlled is difficult and the transportability of the system is required.

The DXR250U-W digital panel has a larger size of 16 "x16" and weighs only 5 kg, with a thickness of only 26 mm, has a pixel size of 200 μm and employs a GOS scintillator (gadolinium oxy-sulphide) . It is used for a wide range of applications, as it can cover both small and large objects.

Wireless. The wireless system is based on the 802.11 g standard, with a communication range up to 80 m and WEP2 security protocol. The detector has a monitoring system of the battery charge level, as well as the temperature, which are forwarded to the PC and can be viewed from it. The wireless communication system provides the possibility of using a portable access point to increase the coverage distance of the signal. The communication protocol for data transfer was designed ad-hoc to guarantee speed and reliability.

Robust. The system has been designed to be resistant to shocks, water and dust; an optional hard cover is available as an accessory to provide additional mechanical protection. The front panel of the panel is made of carbon fiber. Shielded electronics for improved radiation protection.

Software. The new Rhythm RT DR Acquire provides additional functionality for portable wireless detectors and allows operators to acquire images in a non-proprietary and reliable 100% DICONDE format. Together with Rhythm Review the entire portfolio of image enhancement-, administration-, reporting- and archive-modules can be accessed on one DICONDE compliant platform (Enterprise Archive, Flash!Filters, Wall Thickness-Measurement, Report Generators, etc. ) and adapted to the individual customer workflow and application needs. Both for the casting and welding markets, ad-hoc image processing algorithms called Flash Filters! have been developed, available as an optional package, to obtain images with a high quality detail.

Applications. Mechanical integrity of small/medium/large parts, wall thickness, erosion, corrosion, weld quality, pipe and tube quality, castings with a used energy up to 220kV.


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