Mentor UT - Corrosion

Mentor UT - Corrosion

More experience in every inspection!

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • IP65 and MIL-STD-810G
  • screen remote sharing

GE Mentor UT represents the revolution among all Phased Array ultrasonic instruments dedicated to corrosion. It was born to make the way of working easier and simplified. Mentor UT is the workflow oriented third millennium tool.

Modern and innovative design

The new Phased Array GE Mentor UT has an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a high-resolution display that allows view data in all light conditions. GE Mentor UT integrates in its software platform the possibility to create customized work procedures and through the Wi-Fi connection module allows users to easily communicate with each other, sharing information and updates. GE Mentor UT has a rubber and magnesium body that makes the instrument IP65 (resistant to shocks and water). In addition, GE Mentor UT has an internal battery with a capacity of 62Wh, therefore below the limits for transport by air/helicopter.

A new approach

GE Mentor UT uses customized and tailor-made work procedures to improve the efficiency of its controls. The use of operational procedures ensures that all operators follow exactly the same instructions, increasing the quality of control and standardization of results.

Collaboration in real time

With GE Mentor UT it is possible that NDT experts can connect remotely with their inspectors on field to verify in real time the results of the checks carried out and to select which data can be considered. In addition, GE Mentor UT allows you to remotely share your screen, facilitating even more the expert's work and giving you the opportunity to interact with comments. Paper copies and printed documents will no longer be needed because everything can be stored on GE Mentor UT.


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