The design of the entire system has been directed to promote adaptability to different environments. The new generation electronics allows to generate a high dose with a consequent reduction of the exposure times and therefore it is able to guarantee greater productivity.

Reliable. The GE SEIFERT Eresco MF4 portable system is developed to guarantee maximum reliability in all conditions of use. The innovative driving electronics ensure a stable output signal with a contained ripple. At the same time it is possible to perform exposures starting from 5kV for controls on low density materials such as aluminum.

Lightweight. The low weight makes it easy to carry out field controls in which the ability to move easily the source is essential. It can be used in environments with extreme conditions thanks to its compact design.

Portable. Thanks to the low energy consumption, between 1 and 2 kW / h, there is a saving in terms of energy costs. Furthermore, life of the batteries allows a better and prolonged use of the portable system.

Microprocessor control unit. The newly developed graphic display allows the operator to set the display parameters and control them with a user-friendly menu to increase productivity. The microprocessor based control platform ensures fast and safe management of exposure programs.

The system is available in different versions that differ for maximum permissible kV value and focal spot size. Moreover, it is available with a wide range of accessories to meet the different needs of the various fields of application. Discover all the configurations in the brochure.


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