Stationary X-ray generator, based on the ISOVOLT platform which offers more than 25 years experience with thousands of installations across the world.
A wide range of systems is provided. Generators and tubes can be 160 kV, 225 kV, 320 kV, 420 kV or 450 kV, and can be operated from as low as 5 kV or a current range exceeding up to 45 mA.
Unique on the market, it is able to guarantee stable dose values with voltages ranging from a minimum of 5kV to a maximum of 450kV, and anodic current values that reach a maximum of 45mA (if supported by the x-ray tube used).

High exposure quality. A reproducibility of ± 0.01 % for tube current (mA) and tube voltage (kV) provides highest possible stability of radiation dose rate with fluctuations < 0.05 %.

High device performances. Unmatched ramp-up times (< 1.5 sec) support applications requiring fast inspection cycles and 100% duty cycle, for continuous operation in in-line systems, ensure highest performance, from peaked intermittent, up to permanent 24/7 operation.

Flexible usage. Built for a wide range of applications in different environmental conditions, Titan E generator solutions are for all NDT needs, life science applications and also measurement and calibration tasks. Titan E is available in 3-phase, 400 V or single-phase, 230 V input power rating: easy integration into different power environments without regional limitations is possible.

User friendly. The graphical interface allows the operator to set the display parameters and control them with a guided and intuitive menu, to increase productivity.

Easy to integrate. The system has kits, interfaces and communication protocols to make development activities simple, to integrate the system into plants and meet the needs of the OEM market.

Intelligent and safe operation. Built in safety features such as redundant interlock monitoring, cooling flow rate watchdog signals, operating temperature and other system status information are visible on the operation display. This leads to instant recognition of system status and health.


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