GelSight Mobile

GelSight Mobile - 3D OPTICAL METER

GelSight Mobile ™ is a portable instrument that accurately displays and measures the 3D topography of any surface, revealing microscopic structures that are difficult to see under normal circumstances. The tool can be used on any surface, including metal or glass, thanks to GelSight's elastomeric sensor.


WHY GelSight - Advantages

    • High-precision quantitative 3D data for the entire surface compared to the 2D depth gauge or profilometer
    • Easy, immediate and repeatable results versus laborious or time-consuming processes can be conducted on site without destroying disassembly to send off site
    • Works with reflective and transparent surfaces, such as metal or glass
    • It reduces the cost of waste / scrap and non-quality
    • The capital requirement for inventory decreases
    • Improve productivity / productivity for high cost parts. Enhance data documentation / audit trail for future reference


How does GelSight work 

ELASTOMERIC IMAGES :  The elastomeric sensor conforms to the surface topography, revealing detailed surface characteristics regardless of lighting conditions or material reflectivity, such as specularity or translucency. Surface detail is displayed upon contact, providing immediate visual feedback.

3D MEASUREMENT : The 3D depth map is calculated from surface images, providing position, depth and other high resolution derived surface measurements.

Examples of applications


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