Phasor XS

Phasor XS


  • ultra-portable
  • simultaneous inspections
  • JPEG images on SD memory card


Phasor XS is an ultrasonic portable detector, that combines the power of Phased Array with the comfort of conventional UT flaw detection.

When used in Phased Array mode, the operator simply programs the transducer for multiple angles and focal depths without changing probes or wedges. With one scan from one contact location, greater area is covered and comprehensive data can be viewed in real-time on a full-color sector display. Compared to conventional ultrasonic inspection, this technology increases productivity, with considerable savings in terms of money.

Transitioning from conventional to Phased Array-based flaw detection is now easy. The Phasor XS weighs less than 4 kgs and has the same look, feel and rugged design as the popular USN 60. In fact, the Phasor XS can be operated as a conventional flaw detector. Simple menu-driven operation of basic Phased Array controls, data is easily captured and interpreted.

Phasor XS supports probes up to 64 physical elements and is able to turn on up to 16 elements for beam formation. The on-board delay calculator makes transducer programming quick and easy.

The Phasor XS has a user-friendly operator interface, at 6.5” VGA with a data refresh rate and a choice of selectable screen options that allow optimum viewing even in the most difficult field conditions.

JPEG images can be stored with a single key press as part of the unique Freeze Mode and downloaded in image-ready format to an SD TM solid-state memory card for fast documentation or report generation.

GE Inspection Technologies manufactures a wide variety of Phased Array transducers that are applicable to Phasor XS. A catalog of both conventional and Phased Array transducers is available at

Feature Summary

  • Ultra-portable Phased Array at less than 3.8 kg (8.2 lbs)
  • Electronically controlled and selectable beam angles, focus and size
  • Simultaneous inspection with multiple beams from a single location
  • Simple operation allows for easy transition from conventional UT to Phased Array inspection
  • JPEG image reporting and data-set transfer via SD memory card
  • On-board delay law calculator

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