Rhythm Enterprise Archive


It is the ideal solution for storing the information of the performed controls, as well as for the acquisition and processing of images in a safe and consistently manner. The only software on the NDT market to be DICOM / DICONDE compliant, this gives the storage system to be independent of the acquisition system and therefore independent of the vendor of the system itself. The system, thanks to a web platform, allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing to make images available within the IT infrastructure quickly and easily from individual workstations.

Rhythm RT. Software module able to interface with the hardware and acquire the digital image. Compatible with FS50B digitizer, as well as with the full range of Computed Radiography and Direct Digital Array products. This module allows acquiring the image, to obtain a preview of the acquired image before it is sent to the Rhythm Review module.

Rhythm Review. This module is used to manage the image processing and reporting phase, capable of acquiring images from Rhythm RT or Rhythm Workstation. This software module allows you to process the acquired digital images and exploit the tools for image analysis. Rhythm Review is extremely powerful, since it allows you to share information in a safe and simple way with customers. In fact, it is possible to create a CD / DVD, ready to be sent to the customer, containing the images created for a specific control. The customer will be able to view the images, without having to install the Rhythm software, also having the processing and comments that have been saved during the analysis.

Rhythm Archive. With this module all information can be made available within a network, simplifying the introduction of advanced techniques such as image stitching, data fusion, mining data base. This solution acquires even more value if different control techniques are used in the same network and all based on the Rhythm software platform.

Rhythm Enterprise Web. It makes information on non-destructive checks available in every situation, and even from all over the world, thanks to data storage in a central server. It is possible thanks to the use of a web browser that allows data access at any time, and that brings the power of the DICONDE protocol to the cloud, by offering a web-based service.

Rhythm Radiography Data Sheet


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