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SpeedyCare UV


SpeedyCare UV is an innovative robot emitting UV-C light in the germicidal range of 254 nm, overcoming the rising threat of pathogens like viruses, bacteria & fungi. This technology ensures proper surface and disinfection, destroyng the ability of microroganism to reproduce by causing photochemical changes in nucleic acids. Designed in 2020, SpeedyCare UV robot has been engineered to be easy and safe to operate in hospital, hotels, shops, gyms, care homes and any habitable spaces.


Air & Surface, UV-C Disinfection

UV-C light is a non-invasive disinfection method, delivering instantly a lethal dose of radiation to pathogens both in surface and air, deactivating their capabilities to reproduce.

Fast Disinfection

SpeedyCareTM UV robot features a set of UV-C lamps delivering the right dose of radiation to effectively deactivate at 99% pathogens in both air and surface. User selects the a LOG factor, meaning the % percentage of disinfection. Typical used values are 90%, 99% and 99.9%.

For a 99% pathogens inactivation a standard room of 5x6 m can be disinfected in 3 min. The larger is the room and the higher is the LOG factor, the longer will be the disinfection time.

Motion sensors, auto-stop function

Four built in motion sensors are located at the top of the robot, for a 360o auto-stop safety function, avoiding unprogrammed light exposures.

SpeedyCare 1500


Fast Disinfection. Single placement.
SpeedyCare™ 1500 is the most powerful and technological device of the range. Features 1500 W of UV-C and is designed to be use in demanding applications where disinfection speeds and degree of inactivation is a priority.


SpeedyCare 750


Single Placement Disinfection. 
SpeedyCare™ 750 is single placement disinfection robot, delivering 750 of UV-C power and fitting perfectly the disinfection needs of hotels, restaurants, gyms and medium size offices.


SpeedyCare Satellite


Multiple Placement & Configurations.
SpeedyCare™ Master and Satellite configuration brings flexibility to your disinfection processes. The Master SpeedyCare™ 440M can connect up to 6 SpeedyCare™ 220S satellite devices, adapting to a specific room and space geometry


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