SMART StiloZak

SMART StiloZak® 

Portable Hardness Tester Brinell 4.0

  • In accordance with ASTM E110 / E10
  • programmable on different loads from 750KG to 3000KG
  • in compliance with Industry 4.0
  • Saving Calibrations and Reports
  • Complete with management software

The SMART StiloZak represents technological innovation in the field of Brinell portable instrumentation for measuring hardness. Its versatility is suitable for difficult working conditions where the speed of execution and the quality of the result are the objectives. The SMART Stilo Zak instrument is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries capable of performing HB hardness tests on metallic and non-metallic materials with programmable loads: Standard 10/3000 Kgf.

SMART StiloZak®

Smart StiloZak is an intelligent servo-assisted hydraulic device that ensures the continuous and constant application of force for carrying out Brinell hardness tests, avoiding and minimizing the problems listed below. The control device consists of the central unit connected to the head of the indenter holder durometer housing the certified ball. The characteristic of the indenter holder head, which can be fixed on both portable and fixed supports already in use and on the market, is to guarantee application of the load in a short time (8 seconds) and to keep it constant (max. 15 seconds) , within the limits of the foreseen tolerances, through the PC display of the load curves stored in the device. Contrary to the current Brinell portable hardness test instruments, which also refer to the regulations in force, the innovative feature of this durometer is to ensure that the applied force is continuous and constant, in the times of application and maintenance of the applied load. , in accordance with the tolerance limits of the regulations in force.

The SMART TOOL management software allows:

  • the evaluation of the work cycles
  • of working curves and measurement data
  • the documentation of the work modules
  • the export of measurement data
  • reading the device data and the service diary
  • importing default settings and firmware updates as well as programming the different loads.


(*) Italian Patent Utility Model BMU Nr. 202020000005725 deposited Oct. 13th2020 International Patent - PCT in progress  


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