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Today ultrasonic spot weld checking is a technique employed by major car manufacturers. The SpotChecker allows to take spot weld checking right onto the production line, saving time – and money.

Portable and robust, SpotChecker weighs just 3.2 kg (7.05 lb), is battery operated and is sealed to IP65. It features hot swap battery exchange to ensure continuous operation. Battery charging can be done with batteries inside or outside of the instrument, using an external charger. Portability allows inspection to be carried out at the place of welding or on the production line, with no need to transport components to designated inspection stations. As a result, more inspections can be carried out within the same time frame, which means increased productivity.

SpotChecker is an ultrasonic instrument easy-to-use: it does not require intensive training but offers the advantage of an “expert” system for people less qualified in weld inspection. Its ergonomically designed operator interface features an 8.4” LCD touch screen, six programmable function keys and twin track balls, so that it can be operated simply and efficiently in the most restricted of testing locations.

The flaw detector can be connected to external periphery devices such as mouse, keyboard and printer by USB. The instrument can also be connected to a PC wirelessly by WLAN or Bluetooth for data up-and down-load.

SpotChecker provides a package solution for performing inspection, evaluation and documentation of test results, meeting strict quality management requirements. It uses field-proven UltraLOG software, which been developed specifically for the evaluation and documentation of spotweld inspections. The software’s extensive database also allows the management of specific inspection plans, tailored to suit particular manufacturing processes. It can specify the number of welds to be inspected, and describe the test location, material data, test diagrams and ultrasonic settings, allowing SpotChecker to be used by relatively unskilled personnel.

The SpotChecker continues and complements Waygate Technologies’ comprehensive range of USLT spot weld testing solutions. It employs the same software so that data can be shared if required between various products in the range.


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