Extreme portability

  • 850 g. weight (including battery)
  • A-Scan and Video recording on SD-Card
  • BEA (Back wall Echo Attenuation)


USM Go + is the youngest of the USM Go family, equipped with a precise and fast Keypad commands. USM Go + maintains all the peculiarities of the USM Go version confirming the excellent reliability and performance. The USM Go ultrasonic instrument is available in the new USM Go + version with Keypad control.

USM Go / USM Go + are absolutely compact and robust portable instruments. Both instruments have a reinforced body that makes them resistant to impacts and water. The instruments of the USM Go family have the largest display in their category, to have clear information about the A-Scan.

USM Go / USM Go + are the first choice when UT TOP performances combined with extreme portability are indispensable features. USM Go / USM Go + have the ability to be upgraded to thickness gauges and so, becoming two instruments in one.

Equipped with state-of-the art technology, the USM Go+ takes UT performance in handheld instruments a step further. A first example is the exceptional resolution in the Near Surface that allows reliable detection of localized defects just under the surface of the test pieces.

Main features

  • 850 g of weight (including battery)
  • A-Scan and Video recording on SD-Card
  • rueDGS® Defect Sizing with highest available accuracy
  • BEA (Back wall Echo Attenuation) helps to determine the smallest defects
  • IP67
  • 800 x 400 bright colors LCD (> 200cd / m²).
  • USM Go / USM Go + expandable to DMS Go / DMS Go +

A standard USB connection allows for data to be downloaded from the flaw detector to a PC or external hard disk, for further analysis or storage. The instrument is supplied directly with an 8 GB SD memory (an SD memory up to 16GB can be used). All reports produced by USM Go / USM Go + are in JPEG or BMP format and therefore readable without any specific software.


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